The Sioga Storage Structure of Christina Lake Rentals in Christina Lake BC is nestled in the Kootenay Mountains on one of North America’s warmest fresh water lakes. Christina Lake Rentals required an additional multi level storage structure to keep up with the increasing need for marine and RV vehicle storage within a reasonable distance to the lake.

WSA Engineering Ltd. was engaged as the consulting Structural Engineer for the proposed two level, 32 bay storage structure. Christina Lake Rentals had specific design requests regarding the layout of the building and access to the items being stored. WSA Engineering Ltd. worked closely with the client to address design requirements unique and the building inspector to address Architectural, Structural, and Fire Resistance requirements unique to this project. WSA evaluated and determined that the loading on the structure and its exposure to the elements was in excess of a typical building. The framing members required additional shear resistance along the building to withstand the wind loads.

WSA was able to provide a design that was both cost effective and aesthetically pleasing for its purpose. Our experience with variable design conditions and the requirements of local and national building codes ensured the client’s needs were met without sacrifice.