Christina Lake is British Columbia’s recreation paradise. Christina Lake is known for its warm, clean water, ideal for swimming, boating, and water sports. The surrounding mountains have an abundance of hiking and biking trails for locals and visitors to enjoy.

WSA Engineering Ltd. was engaged as the consulting Structural Engineer for the proposed two storey 36’-8” x 30’-4” waterfront cabin. The architectural drawings were received from Matthes Building Design and would require engineering from the foundation to the roof. Due to the natural ground surface sloping towards the waterfront, the foundation would require a 22’-8” wall along the east side of the property. The foundation system was designed by WSA Engineering Ltd. using Logix insulated concrete form. The client requested the use of exposed glulams beams to frame in the structure for function and aesthetics. WSA Engineering Ltd. engineered

over 50 individual glulam beams and had to consider each

for its location and function. 

WSA evaluated and determined that shear walls would be required to counter the effects of lateral wind loads that are acting on the structure. WSA Engineering Ltd. provided detail drawings of the structural system including the shear walls layout and location. Our experience with changes in loading conditions and the requirements of municipalities is vast and we are able to provide engineering exclusive

to an individual project.