The Reid Residence is located on Highway 31, Balfour BC. WSA Engineering Ltd. proposed to integrate a suspended concrete driveway and to the new residence in order to create access off of Highway 31. WSA Engineering Ltd. had many design concepts to consider given the steep slopes and unpredictable conditions of the West Kootenay landscape. The natural ground surface slopes sharply down at approximately 75% toward the client’s property. From the base of the footing, the remainder of the property slopes at approximately 30% to the lakeshore. 

The project involved the site survey, structural design, geotechnical engineering and site inspections for the proposed 27’-0” x 20’-0” suspended driveway structure. WSA Engineering Ltd. provided a design that offered a permanent, cost effective long term solution to site accessibility and entrance to the house with an efficient use of construction materials.  Our team of structural and geotechnical engineers worked closely to design the foundation for the parking structure. Steel beams and posts were used to support the pre-cast slab.

WSA Engineering Ltd. has practical experience in structures specific to site conditions and locations that require innovative engineering. WSA Engineering Ltd. specializes in foundation and retaining wall design for residential and commercial applications with wide-ranging experience across British Columbia.