The demand for storing space is on the rise. John Vickers proposed a single-level self-storage building with each storage area having access with a single overhead door for each unit. WSA Engineering Ltd. was engaged to provide a design that would be built using typical stick framing methods and require minimal maintenance.

The project involved the site survey, structural design, and full drawing set of the 3500sq.ft building, which will be situated in proximity to three existing and similar storage structures. The building is a 115’-4” x 30’-4” wood framed structure with 21 units, each potentially being used by a different client. WSA Engineering Ltd. had many options to consider and designed the building while addressing the Architectural, Structural, Fire Resistance, and Shear Loading requirements unique to this project. The storage building was designed with standard framing members being securely anchored to an engineered foundation with single sloping pre-engineered trusses enclosing the structure.

WSA Engineering Ltd. worked closely with the client and was able to provide a design that was symmetrical with the existing storage buildings, and could be used with slight modification for future structures. WSA has extensive experience with designing new structures to the clients’ specifications, regardless of the buildings occupancy and classification.