Municipal Utilities

WSA Engineering specializes on engineering repairs, design and development plans of municipal power, gas, telecom and water infrastructure. With our long history working in this sector we offer an experienced and practical approach to problem solving. Our dedicated team of professionals have a comprehensive understanding of current technologies, combined with a academic and practical background in municipal infrastructure.


Services Include

  • Conceptual Design and Drawings
  • Final Engineered Drawings
  • Construction Management
  • Design Specifications
  • Proposals
  • Inspections
  • Project Scheduling
  • Grant Applications
  • Construction Design
  • Tendering¬†
  • Grading Drainage
  • Parking & Sidewalk
  • Quality Assurance
  • Study & Evaluation


  • Ground and surface water supplies
  • Water distribution and waste water collection
  • Water and waste water treatment
  • Storm water systems
  • Infrastructure assessments
  • Municipal road design
  • Subdivision development
  • Road surveying & layout
  • Pumps and process equipment