Kootenay Lake Village is a multi-phase strata residential real estate development located on the shore of Kootenay Lake in Procter, British Columbia.


WSA was engaged as the consulting Civil Engineer for this additional work in the spring of 2008, and which included design of a raw lake water intake and pumping station for the development’s water service system.


The lake raw water intake line is 480m in length. This is pumped with VFD-controlled vertical turbines to a treatment plant employing ultraviolet light, bag and cartridge filter, and chlorine processes. WSA coordinated the design of the water intake and treatment systems control systems with a sub-consulting electrical engineer.


As with all of our water system projects, WSA completed applications and coordinating communications with the governing authorities for the utility’s required permits. This involved such agencies as the British Columbia Interior Health Authority, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Transportation and Highways, and Fisheries and Oceans Canada. WSA has a broad range of experience in working with all levels of government to expediently negotiate the approvals process for a variety of water projects.