The Millennium Park Multi-Use Facility is being built as part of the upgrades that the city are carrying out in the Millennium Park in Castlegar. The Rotary Club of Castlegar are funding and managing the project, which when completed (Jun 2015) will greatly enhance the public’s experience in visiting the park.


WSA was invited by the Rotary to design the facility and provide engineering services. Alongside this WSA was then asked to manage the tendering and construction of the facility.

We worked closely with the Rotary in coming up with the concept design initially, and from there provided them a fully engineered design for the building. The construction was then put out to tender and the contract awarded in March 2015, one of the criteria for being awarded the contract was that the contractors were to keep in mind that it was a community project.

Construction began in April 2015 and will be completed in June in time for the summer crowds.

Services Provided:

  • Conceptual Design and Drawings
  • Final Engineered Drawings
  • Construction Management
  • Inspections